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Quite often people purchasing carpets in a store do not fully realise what they really want from a carpet, the type of carpet they should be buying and the various types that are available.


About Wilton and Axminster Carpets

The difference between the Wilton and Axminster carpets is in the method that they are manufactured and the type of weaving loom used. A Wilton carpet is woven on a Wilton loom and an Axminster carpet is made on an Axminster loom. The words Wilton and Axminster are referring to the type of machinery used to make the carpet and NOT the geographic location the name indicates.

Wilton design possibilities are limited because they have a maximum of 5 colours, that can be used. Imported Belgian Wilton products made of Polypropylene are cheaper and often seen as acceptable quality carpets in the UK, due to cost, but they only offer lesser properties as they are often produced using cheaper yarns that wear very well but crease and lose appearance quicker than wool. They also have very stiff backings that are more difficult to fit.

A genuine wool rich Wilton carpet can cost over £40.00 per M2, but will last a very long time and keep it's quality, good looks and colour.

About Polyester Fiber Carpets

Polyester is another popular synthetic fiber used in carpets. Less expensive than nylon, it once had a reputation for being of poor quality but in recent years polyester fiber has been improved considerably.

It has advantages over other types of carpet fibers and can offer excellent value for money for certain applications. They have high quality appearance value when new but unlike the wool types, degrade in colour through time.

The fiber has a very luxurious "hand" (the feel of the fibers). Polyester also comes in some of the richest colors of any fiber because it is process-dyed and it has good fade resistance. Polyester's relatively soft fibers give it a rich feel, with high "perceived" quality, which is, the quality you see in the showroom.

The downside is that polyester is the least resilient carpet fiber. It does not stand up as well to foot traffic and will not last as long. Polyester carpets are susceptible to wear, matting and traffic patterns. When matted, the carpet is difficult to restore.


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